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Tuesday Jun 18 2019
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Sania Mirza hits back at Veena Malik, says she’s not Pakistan team’s ‘mother or dietician’

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Indian tennis star Sania Mirza put Pakistani actor and host Veena Malik in her place after the latter said was "actually so worried for" the former's child.

The back-and-forth transpired after a picture and video of cricketer Shoaib Malik, Mirza, and other Pakistan cricketers visiting a sheesha cafe ahead of Pakistan's match against India went viral.

In a series of tweets, Malik had reacted to a now-deleted fan video of the couple and other cricketers and questioned the tennis star’s parenting. She asked: "You guys took him to a sheesha place isn't it Hazardious?

"Also as far as I know Archie's is all about junk food which isn't good for athletes/Boys," she added, questioning: "You must know well as you are mother and athlete yourself?"

Twitter/VEENA MALIK (@iVeenaKhan)/Screenshot via

The picture and video that went viral on Sunday night started generated controversy as Pakistan faced an upsetting defeat in their match against arch-rivals India due to the players' poor performance.

Mirza then shot back at the actor-model, telling her first that it was not "any of your or the rest of the world’s business cause I think I care about my son a lot more than anyone else does".

Twitter/Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania)/Screenshot via

She clarified that she did not take her child to the sheesha place.

"Secondly I am not Pakistan cricket team’s dietician nor am I their mother or principal or teacher,” Mirza wrote.

Later, in another tweet, Mirza tried to end the discussion and tweeted: “To know when they sleep, wake up and eat .. thank you for your concern though .. means a lot.”

Twitter/Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania)/Screenshot via

Mirza, in a now-deleted tweet, had also referred to a "'not so decent' magazine cover" of Malik, who has time and again emphatically denied its authenticity.

Twitter/Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania)/Screenshot via

Mirza, however, ended up blocking Malik, and tweeted: "Twitter cracks me up and some ppl for sure .. you guys really need other mediums of taking your frustrations out .. peace out guys it’s break time".

After the match, fans alleged that Malik, Mirza, and other Pakistan cricketers were at a sheesha cafe till 2AM in the morning, hours before Pakistan’s critical match with India. However, it emerged that the video was, in fact, from Friday night (June 14) and not Saturday was alleged by fans on social media.

In a statement, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) later clarified that no player had violated curfew and returned to their hotel rooms in a timely manner the night before Pakistan’s match against India. The board added that players had gone out with their families two days before the match.