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Wednesday Sep 25 2019
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Selena Gomez opens up about getting exploited and having trust issues

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Selena Gomez sheds light on how she ‘changed equations’ with people. Photo: Elle.

American pop sensation Selena Gomez, who had been on a rocky path of late, made a comeback as her health gets back on track.

The 27-year-old former Disney star in a chat on the show ‘Giving Back Generation’ shed light on how she ‘changed equations’ with people.

In the new vodcast, the ‘Come and Get it’ singer opened up about people exploiting her through the course of her life, owing to which she has had severe trust issues.

“Earlier than I used to be such a wild card, I’d inform everyone my story, I’d invite individuals into my dwelling,” she stated during the hour-long interview.

“However I feel what I realized about belief is to only not unfold myself so skinny, and I started to believe all of you since you allowed for that to occur…. Individuals have been making the most of me,” she added.

While her friends remarked that she’s the ‘glue that keeps their gang together’, the ‘Dead Don’t Die’ starlet had a different take.

The ‘Wolves’ singer said: "I’m the troublemaker of the group, a little mischievous. I like to make things interesting.”

“And I feel that’s a crucial part of friendship. And I have the safest people to do that with, let’s just be honest. For me, I like, I don’t know, that’s what I love, I love getting reactions out of Ashley, I love performing, I love adventure,” she added.