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Monday Jan 20 2020
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Hira Mani is fed up of being asked THIS question: Find out

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Hira Mani has become one of the most sought after actresses in Pakistan after delivering some stellar performances.

She is currently appearing on multiple drama serials on various entertainment channels.

While Hira proved her metal with powerful acting in every drama she has worked in, her role in "Mere Paas Tum Ho'" has taken her fame to new heights.

As is the case with every TV actor, Hira Mani too is no exception when it comes to fans who couldn't help but ask questions about a particular character or climax of the drama.

The actress recently expressed her annoyance, rather jokingly, when she was probed about the last episode of "Mere Paas Tum Ho".

In a video doing the rounds on social media, a woman is heard asking Hira "What will happen in drama's end?"

The actress who seemed engrossed in her phone, evaded the question, saying "Tang aa agayi hoon main is sawal se [I am fed up of this question]".

When she was pushed for an answer repeatedly, Hira Mani said "ever one is going to die (in the end)," evoking a loud laughter.

Check out her response:

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