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Wednesday Mar 25 2020
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Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez enjoy 'dream day' playing baseball with kids: Watch

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Jennifer Lopez and her future husband Alex Rodriguez are spending good time together as they look ideal couple while enjoying baseball with their kids amid coronavirus pandemic.

The former Yankees superstar shared a family video from the first-ever 'ARod baseball clinic' livestream, where he was joined by his lovebird and their kids. In the clip, Rodriguez is seen practicing his swing while Lopez plays umpire. He also stressed the importance of family time amid the COVID-19 spread.

“Today was a dream day for me,” Rodriguez began. “I hope you guys learned something and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it!”

He continued: "I mentioned this during the livestream, but do you know what Shakespeare did when he was quarantined because of the plague? He wrote King Lear. You can let this time pass you by, or you can seize it and use it to work on your swing, watch a ton of video, and make yourself a better player. Or a better anything, for that matter."

"You can also use it to spend quality time with family. We had a blast playing a little baseball in the yard with the four powerful young women in my life," added Rodriguez.

The 44-year-old joined his fiance Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme, 12, and his daughters Natasha, 15 and Ella, 11, for some outdoors fun amid COVID-19 isolation.

He said: "When I was their age, I couldn’t afford bats, balls ⚾️ and gloves. I was lucky to have great mentors to look out for me, and for the @bgcmiamidade giving me a place to play.

"Today, it was so much fun watching them take some cuts. The only depressing part was watching Jen lock in on her swing and launch one. What can’t she do? She even hits better than I do."