Wednesday Apr 08 2020
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John Cusack riles up the internet over 5G conspiracy theories connecting it to 'bad health'

Web Desk
John Cusack is no stranger to controversies as last year he sparked fury with an anti-Semitic image

Hollywood star John Cusack is joining the list of bigwigs holding controversial views about the new 5G technology.

The 53-year-old High Fidelity actor irked a large chunk of his followers on Twitter after he expressed his debatable views about 5G being harmful to humans.

“5 – G will be proven to be very very bad for people’s health,” he said, leaving the internet divided, taken aback and displeased.

“Twittaverse many of you are thoughtful decent humans. Beyond the bots and trolls – many of you are just DUMB – just consumerist ignorant trash (sic),” he continued.

Responding to some of the negative comments that came his way, John wrote: “Very instructive. Suggest a new broadly used tech – may be harmful – hysteria! Um, asbestos? Anyone – nuclear power – [expletive]? Your acting like [expletive] Sheep – It’s basic – not conspiracy – (sic).”

The actor is no stranger to controversies as last year he had managed to rile up the internet as well, with an anti-Semitic image, showing a gigantic hand with a Star of David, crushing a crowd of people.

He was forced to issue an apology later, saying he had “mistakenly retweeted an alt-right account.”