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Wednesday May 20 2020
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Kim Kardashian labelled ‘racist’ for publicizing black face masks as a ‘nude’

Web Desk

Kim Kardashian faced the wrath recently after she launched face masks under different shades 

American reality TV star Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversies as she often finds herself ensnared within immense criticism over one thing or the other.

The 39-year-old star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians faced the wrath recently after she launched face masks under different shades in her Skims collection.

The collection was described by her as ‘five shades of nudes’, which quickly landed her in hot water over one of the shades.

Kim was slammed by social media users for her $8 mask as it provided a dark skinned model donning a black mask. Soon after, netizens were hurling labels like ‘casually racist’ and ‘culturally out of touch’ towards the fashionista.

One user wrote: "The nude shade for the Black model is inaccurate, offensive, and culturally out of touch.” Another added: "Kim, we are brown not black."

More criticism followed for the fashion icon as her white masks too came under fire. "The color white isn’t nude for white people.”

"You’d think this family would know shades of black skin tones considering their kids are black too and you’d think by now they would know that this is not a black nude tone but go off Kimberly with your profiteering on casual racism,” wrote another.

Some gave her earful for simply marketing off the pandemic instead of donating them for free despite her deep pockets.