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Saturday May 30 2020
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Machine Gun Kelly says he is ashamed of what police did to George Floyd

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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has condemned the death of a black man in police custody while calling on younger Americans to stop racism.

Taking to Twitter, the Cleveland singer wrote an expletives laden message to condemn what he called 'white privilege'.

"I am ashamed someone who looks like me could treat another humane like this, but they been doing it since the beginning of time.

Our generation has to be the ones to stop it. My loyalty is with the people," he tweeted.

The killing of the black man identified as George Floyd. The photo that showed a white officer kneeling on his neck has sparked outrage in the United States.

Many states in the US are witnessing protests from the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, with actors, musicians and sportsmen condemning the incident on social media.