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Monday Jun 01 2020
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Khloe Kardashian vows to use her privilege for the greater good

Web Desk
Khloe Kardashian offers to use her privilege for the greater good. Photo: Teen Vogue

Khloe Kardashian is raising her voice against the racist acts rife in America.

In light of the racial tensions, Khloe issued a statement claiming, "Over the last few days I've written and rewritten this so many times. Words feel empty, or somehow not enough, but I can't sit silently”

"Like so many of you I am angry, heartbroken and disgusted by the murder of George Floyd." On Instagram the reality TV star said, "We have seen this too many times. Black people have been discriminated against, victimized and murdered for too long, and have shown superhuman resiliency in the face of constant adversity."

"It is incomprehensible to me that it's 2020 and people continue to restrict, stereotype, damage and oppress people of color, and that racism is a constant reality," she continued. "It breaks my heart to think about parents having to teach their children how to stay alive."

"I continue to pray for equality for all, understanding and love" and “I remain hopeful that together we can get help get justice for George and his family, and every black American who has been murdered, mistreated, abused and ignored."