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Monday Jun 29 2020
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Meghan Markle was plotted against by the Queen and Kate Middleton, claims new book

Web Desk

The lives of the British royal family have been pushed towards the spotlight once again after a new explosive book was recently released.

Titled Royals at War, the book written by Dylan Howard and Andy Tillet alleges that Meghan Markle was plotted against by none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself, alongside Kate Middleton.

If claims made by the bombshell new release are to be believed, the Duchess of Cambridge had a meeting with Her Majesty back in December of 2018, only six months after Harry and Meghan tied the knot.

Sources cited by the book claim that the monarch was trying to avoid another Diana-like fiasco to hit the royal family since Meghan was said to “have a determination” of staying true to herself and being her own woman.

Touching on the topic of Meghan’s relationship with sister-in-law Kate, the book quoted an insider as saying: “In a moment of tension, the issue of their children’s titles had come up, and it allegedly unleashed a torrent of pent-up emotions.”

Later, the traditional photocall after the birth of baby Archie had also stirred tensions as Meghan opted instead for a ‘tightly-controlled’ exchange with one photographer only.

Howard writes in the book: “Kate made visible attempts to get along with Harry and Meghan in the past year but now things have changed.”

“Insiders told me that Kate’s standing in the palace has never been so high, so she feels no obligation to make nice with them. She will not be apologising or attempting to mend fences until they reciprocate the effort she and William have been making with them,” he added.