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Sunday Jul 05 2020
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Margot Robbie to star in new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie

Web Desk

Margot Robbie has been making headlines after landing her first ever female-led role in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

For this project, she has joined hands with Birds of Prey screenwriter, Christina Hodson and aims to give this Disney franchise a new turn.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie will feature a completely different storyline, with more female representation. With those changes in mind, this project will not feature famous characters like "Captain Jack Sparrow".

While the actress turned producer’s new project is still in its early stages at the moment, considering some of Robbie’s past projects, it’s sure to be a lucrative hit.

After a previously fruitful gross net income of $4.5 billion across five feature films, including sequels, the movie is sure to make a huge dent in the box office.

With her production company LuckyChap Entertainment on board, she is sure to become an asset to the project. During a previous interview with Us Weekly back in 2017, Robbie claimed, “I work with an amazing group of people, I love everyone at our company, and it’s not just about finding roles for me to do, it’s about finding roles for actresses in general and actors and first and second-time directors, female directors, writers.”