‘Churails’ becomes an instant hit as the first Pakistani show on an Indian streamer

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'Churails' brings to light Pakistan's finest including Sarwat Gilani, Yasra Rizvi, Nimrat Bucha and Mehar Bano

Pakistani director Asim Abbasi’s freshly-released trailer of the new series Churails has become an instant hit, leaving anticipated viewers with chills, as they count down days for its release.

The fresh storyline of the show getting released on OTT platform ZEE5 introduces four headstrong women—a wedding planner, a lawyer, a boxer and an ex-convict—who join forces to spy on cheating husbands.

Through their jointly-created detective agency, the four leading ladies eventually draw in more women willing to partake in their mission, that is until they face a blockade.

In a statement issued earlier, Abbasi spoke about the series getting launched on an Indian video on demand platform: “Zindagi’s commitment to truly original content that has a voice and can transcend borders has provided me with the perfect platform to create a show like Churails.”

“A story about strong women, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and sisterhood, I believe Churails is a timely show with pertinent themes that will resonate with audiences globally,” he added.

The series has also caught the attention of Bollywood bigwigs like director Anurag Kayshap, who tweeted: "Had no clue this was directed by Asim Abbasi. Adding to my watchlist. His first film Cake was such a delight.”

The Abbas-directorial brings to light Pakistan’s finest female stars including Sarwat Gilani, Yasra Rizvi, Nimrat Bucha and Mehar Bano.

Gilani was quoted by IANS, as saying: “Churails is about having a realisation of what all you can do as a woman. It gives an understanding, insight, awareness, and complete realness of life through the characters and its story.”

“The story is well written and fabulously directed by Asim Abbasi. He literally took our breath away with his work. It has been an amazing feeling to be part of the super revolutionary change that this project is going to bring. Churails as a show has a lot of calibres to catch eyeballs at the international level,” she added.

Mehar Bano also recounted her experience as she stepped into the gallant role: "Playing Zubaida has been a personal milestone. She taught me the value of being a protector, the importance of sisterhood and she is, in essence, a fearless warrior who is so compassionate that seeing other women in jeopardy keeps her up at night."

The show will be launching on ZEE5 from August 11.