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Thursday Sep 17 2020
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Katie Holmes, new man Emilio Vitolo are inseparable: 'Can't get enough of each other'

Web Desk

Katie Holmes seems to be gushing over her new man Emilio Vitolo and talks to him all day reportedly.

The actress was seen indulging in some massive PDA in all her public outings with her new flame.

Talking about the duo's relationship dynamic, sources have now revealed that the couple is inseparable and cannot get enough of each other.

“Emilio is very charming, flirty. It’s easy to see how Katie fell for him," a source said.

“She seems very into him. She keeps texting Emilio all day long and he loves it. He can’t get enough of her attention.”

Emilio who is currently employed as a chef at an upscale restaurant named Emilio’s Ballato in New York, USA is very easy to not love, added the insider.

He is trying his luck at acting and reportedly met Katie while working together on an upcoming indie movie.

Meanwhile, reports were rife that Emilio had dumped his fiancee to be in a relationship with Katie and is a cheater.

Daily Mail reported that he ended his engagement with Rachel Emmons ithout mentioning his new relationship with Katie.

“Up to this press coming out, Rachel had no idea what was going on,” a friend of hers told the outlet.

“He is a cheater, and this isn’t a ‘happy ending’ story. They had concrete wedding plans in the works. Now she is just left with bad press and forced to move home.”

“Rachel feels Emilio could have been more honest and dealt with it like a gentleman and face-to-face. Nobody really knows if Katie was aware he was with Rachel. If she did, it’s a bad example to set for her daughter,” The Sun quoted another friend as saying.