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Sunday Sep 27 2020
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Liam Payne buries the hatchet with Zayn Malik and gives a shout-out to his new song

Web Desk

We are all well aware of the drama that had sparked between members of One Direction and Zayn Malik after he decided to take an exit from the band.

And while Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson all remained visibly bitter towards the Pillow Talk crooner after that, it seems that they finally let bygones be bygones.

A video of Liam Payne has been circulating on the internet leaving fans elated as he grooves to Malik’s freshly-released track, Better, and drops in a few compliments while listening to it as well.

“That sounds good! I like that! That sounds good,” said Payne while listening to it during his Instagram Live session.

“Oh yeah, I really like this. It’s good! Zayn, nice one! That was fun!” he added.

While Malik’s relationship with the other members remains strained, all five of them still show support to each other’s solo musical careers as well as personal milestones.