Saturday Oct 10 2020
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Princess Diana’s royal future was decided after Philip’s warning to Prince Charles

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Princess Diana’s shaky ties with her royal in-laws were no news for the world.

However, Prince Philip had always been the one person always upfront and straightforward about his judgments regardless of who he offends.

He had once issued a strict ultimatum to his son Prince Charles regarding his ladylove Diana’s future in the British royal family.

While the Prince of Wales appeared to be in a “limbo” about whether or not to proceed in his relationship with Diana, the Duke of Edinburgh had “ordered” him to “get on with it.”

The revelation was made in Channel 5’s documentary, Philip: The King without Crown where narrator Glynis Barber recalls how Charles was pressurized into making a decision about marrying his 19-year-old girlfriend.

"When the Prince of Wales began courting Lady Diana Spencer, it seemed to many he had met his match. But Charles was unsure. It fell to the Duke to urge his son to make a decision,” Barber said in the documentary.

Jennie Bond, former royal correspondent had also claimed the same as she said how the duke had to step in to bring to a halt, Charles’ “dithering” act back in the 1970s.

"Prince Charles and his dad are very different creatures. He's a pragmatist and Charles is a romantic. I don't think that Prince Philip has been unfeeling towards Charles ever but he found that his son was dithering about whether he should marry this young girl or not,” said Bond.

Biographer Hugo Vickers said: "There came a point where Prince Philip told Prince Charles to get on with it.”

"A letter was written to Prince Charles and what it actually said was, 'this girl is running everyday with press and things. If you are going to marry her, I think it would be a good idea to get on with it. And if you're not, it would be kinder to say so now than run this thing in a limbo.' Prince Charles felt himself very pressurized into it,” she said further.