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Sunday Oct 18 2020
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'Dirilis: Ertugrul': The mystery behind Noyan's death

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The death of Bayju Noyan, one of the most powerful  villains shown in "Dirilis:Ertugrul", remained a mystery until the end of the the historical  TV series for some fans.

Fans who paid  attention know what actually happened to the Mangol warrior played by Barış Bağcı, but a large number of people are often seen wondering about the fate of the character in the TV series.

Noyan is seen dying at the hands of Ertugrul in the season 2 of the series but he leaves his enemies baffled  with his return in the season four.

In the end of season 2, Ertugrul destroys him inflicting several severe wounds and thinks that he is dead.

However, he comes back from the dead and reappears in season 4 and on the appointment of Ogedai, goes to the Sultan and then to Ertugrul to deliver a peace treaty. During this, Ertugrul saves him from the Templars. The peace treaty is going well but is broken when Ogedei dies.

He attempts to kill Ertugrul but the Turk warrior and his Alps escape through the sea route. 

In season 5, his death is mentioned by a Mongol commander and later by Arikbuka as well that Noyan was killed by Hulagu Han because of Mergen but his death is not shown.