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Wednesday Oct 21 2020
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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s exit plan was shrugged off by Charles, William

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry without a doubt sent tremors down the British royal family after severing ties. surely sent shockwaves with their decision to call it quits with the British royal family.

And while royal fans and critics alike were all left in utter disbelief, members of the family too were in a state of denial.

Talking to Us Weekly, author of Battle of Brothers, Robert Lacey claims that Prince Charles and Prince William didn’t think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were “serious” about bidding adieu to their royal lives.

“Harry had been talking to his father and brother. Saying, ‘Look, we’ve come to the conclusion we quite like Canada. We’d like being on the side of the Atlantic. We think we want to stay here for a bit, but we think we can still say Royal,’” the royal historian quoted them as saying.

As per Lacey, the royals had scrapped Harry’s plan of forming the Sussex Royal brand as a “sort of compromise, a new form of … expatriate monarchy” as well as his idea that he “could still represent the crown in Canada, [and] all these things.”

“It was sort of offhand. They didn’t quite believe they were serious. It’s [like], ‘Put it down on writing paper or chap, you know, sends us an email and we’ll think about it.’ And we know this cause Harry himself and the other palaces have agreed that, like, this must have happened,” Lacey said.