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Tuesday Oct 27 2020
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Meghan Markle breaks silence about her comments on US election

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Meghan Markle responded to critics of her statement about US election, saying her comments were 'no different' to messages from other public figures, politicians, philanthropists and humanitarians.

According to new report, The Duchess of Sussex is 'shocked' by critics who think she is wading into politics because she feels telling people to vote in the US election 'shouldn't be contentious', claims Finding Freedom author.

The 39-year-old royal - who's living in her Montecito mansion with Prince Harry and their son Archie - has become increasingly politically active after quitting royal duty back in March.

Speaking to, a source told Finding Freedom author Carolyn Durand: 'She [Meghan] thought she was saying something relatively uncontroversial, which is people should get involved and vote.'

The insider reportedly continued: 'She now feels and admits, as she said the other day, she has to be constantly careful about what she says and stick to what she thinks will not be controversial. Even telling people to get involved in the democratic process should not be a controversial subject.'

The source said the Duke and Duchess both 'believe in civic action, civic duty and social responsibility' of which 'participating in the democratic process' is a part.

The members of the monarchy are expected to remain politically neutral, and therefore do not speak out about their opinions in public.