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Saturday Nov 28 2020
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New report sheds light on Princess Diana's 'revenge dress'

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Netflix show "The Crown" has proved a huge hit despite all the criticism it has drawn from fans of the British royal family and experts. 

Focusing on the 1980s, the new season released on the streaming ginat earlier this month, delves into the marriage of Diana and heir to the throne Prince Charles, as well as Diana’s struggles with bulimia and both of their affairs.

It is not the first time that Diana’s life has been dramatized since her death at age 36 in a Paris car crash in 1997. But the constant revisiting of her story piles on the pressure for William and Harry, whether they watch such shows or not, royal experts say.

In a latest article published in the Daily Telegraph  it has been revealed that the "The Crown" is likely to show the moment when Princess Diana had worn her famous 'revenge dress' in season five.

According to the publication wrote,  Diana’s outfit made fashion history when she wore it in July 1994 "on the evening that Prince Charles confessed his infidelity to the world".⁠

⁠It said the black and revealing dress, which defied all the codes of royal dressing, was a statement of freedom and independence.⁠

In the season five of show, Elizabeth Debicki will take over the role of Diana from Emma Corrin, according to the report.⁠