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Tuesday Dec 01 2020
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'Queen intends to reign for as long as she lives, wants to die with title'

Web Desk

Queen Elizabeth II has been serving her royal duties for over 70 long years and one would think that she is nearing the end of her reign.

However, according to former royal butler Paul Burrell, the Queen intends to be on the throne "till she dies". 

Burrell narrated an experience with the Queen and shared the exact words that she said to him regarding the topic. 

"She dedicated her life. We were feeding the dogs one day and she said to me, 'I swore an oath before God, Paul, in Westminster Abbey the day I was crowned Queen to serve my country for as long as there's breath in my body'," he said while speaking on The Secret To podcast. 

"She said, 'that's what I intend to do.' So don't ever think the Queen will abdicate, she will die Queen."

When asked how long he foresees the Queen's era, he said that he hoped to see her live as long as her mother, who died at the age 101. 

"No no no, she'll live to 103, as long as her mother. Her mother was nearly 102, she will live to be an old lady and God bless her. Long may she reign over us because we're safe in her hands," he said. 

Royal commentators have actually ruled out the possibility of abdication as the Queen herself said she is unlikely to renounce the throne before the end of her time.