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Tuesday Dec 01 2020
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Prince Charles plans to carve his own way in the royal fold: report

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While looming controversy surrounding The Crown poses a great threat to Prince Charles’s public image, an expert believes he has nothing to worry about in regards to his future role as monarch.

The director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London, Professor Philip Murphy, has high hopes for the future king and believes The Crown’s controversy cannot effect his popularity in any way.

He told Express UK, "There has been work going on to give him a more permanent role as the Queen gets older and may prepare to step down.”

"This backlash is a temporary thing as the Queen will still be around for a number of years to come and this current controversy will soon pass.”

"The monarchy is not a popularity contest. Regardless of what happens, he will become King when his mother dies.”

Mr. Philip concluded his point by adding, “He will carve out a new role for himself that is different from the Queen and will become an asset to the monarchy in his own way. Charles and Camilla will be accepted."