Friday Jan 08 2021
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'Kim Kardashian decided to divorce Kanye West on Kris Jenner's advice'

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian reportedly called it quits on her six-year marriage to Kanye West after momager Kris Jenner told her that the relationship is over.

Apparently Kris had urged her daughter to "put herself first" after their relationship was heading south.

"Kim and Kanye have been living separate lives since at least May," an insider told The Sun.

"Kim has been meeting with her divorce lawyer in secret for months. And over the holidays, Kris told Kim the situation could not drag on any longer, so Kim has officially moved to end things."

The momager believes that Kanye is beyond control and will only continue to bring pain in Kim's life.

Furthermore, Kris believes that the family's reputation is on the line, considering he went into a Twitter rampage where he revealed that Kim wanted to abort the couple's first child North West and drew comparisons between his mother-in-law and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. 

"Kris thinks Kanye is out of control and, ‘bad for the family brand’. She can’t bear seeing how unhappy Kim is."

"Kim didn’t make this decision alone. Kris has been tugging on her daughter’s heartstrings to persuade her to do the right thing, which is to kick Kanye to the curb. He had outlived his usefulness and it’s time he was cut loose," another source said.