Sunday Jan 10 2021
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Prince William expected Kate Middleton to be an ‘army wife without the nuptials’

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have weathered the test of time as they have been together almost since the past two decades. 

As the Duchess of Cambridge marked her 39th birthday on Saturday, unearthed reports from her 27th have been making rounds and how she had to unfortunately spend her day away from her then-boyfriend Prince William.

Owing to his decision of joining the Royal Air Force, the future king had to bid adieu to his girlfriend which left her crushed.

Right when he was expected to pop the question in front of Kate, he joined the RAF, leaving everyone stunned.

Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl writes in her book, Kate: The Future Queen: "With that single decision, Kate's life was turned upside down.”

"She had expected a proposal once William had completed his military training, but instead, she was forced to accept that there would be no engagement any time soon. Kate would have to wait even longer,” wrote Nicholl.

“Was Kate prepared to join him? She supported his desires and ambitions, but privately she was crushed,” she went on to say.

"William was asking her to be an army wife - without the nuptials. Her frustration was understandable,” she added.

"For Kate, it was a step backwards. It seemed that everyone was getting married except for her. As she neared her 27th birthday, Kate's plan to be married with children by the time she was thirty was looking increasingly unlikely,” she added.