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Thursday Jan 14 2021
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Buckingham Palace 'anxious' about Meghan and Harry's never-ending business contracts

Web Desk

Buckingham Palace getting nervous about how much Meghan and Harry are entering the corporate world 

Buckingham Palace is fretting over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's continuous streak of signing one business venture after another.

According to Daily Mirror's royal editor Russell Myers, the Palace may be getting worried about where the Duke and Duchess are headed.

“What it all points to is the pace at which they are signing these big money corporate deals. And certainly senior courtiers and advisers to the Queen and other senior royals are getting a little bit nervous about how much they are entering the corporate world and where it will all lead.

“So I think, for both parties, a face-to-face meeting would have been helpful for everybody and the fact that it will not be able to happen now. 

"One must feel for Harry that he isn't going to get that opportunity," he added.