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Tuesday Jan 19 2021
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Kate Middleton, Prince William’s secrecy around engagement led to one big regret

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Kate Middleton and Prince William's relationship was known far and wide to have taken a slower pace than usual.

And when the big question was finally popped in front of Kate, she had one big regret about the milestone that she reached in her relationship with the future king.

Katie Nicholl explained the entire scenario in her book, Kate: The Future Queen regarding the happy event in her life that got affected by a regret.

For the unversed, William went down on one knee at Kenya’s Lake Rutundu on October 10, 2010 and when Kate said yes, the pair decided to keep the news between them before making the official announcement next month.

In fear of the news leaking to the outlets, the couple also kept the engagement a secret to most of their friends and family.

However, in the midst of the secrecy, Kate lost her only living grandparent, grandpa Peter who passed away on November 3, before she could deliver the happy news about her life to him.

Nicholl wrote in her book, via The Mirror: "Kate was deeply saddened not to have had the chance to tell her grandfather that she was engaged to William.”

"She knew he would have been delighted for her,” she added.

As a result of this, the two had to delay their engagement announcement further till November 16, as William attended the funeral with his future wife and her family.