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Tuesday Jan 19 2021
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Anne-Marie recalls the time she was ‘slapped in the face’ by a shark

Web Desk

Anne-Marie recently sat down for an interview where she shed light on her shocking experience with a great white shark and how it ended up slapping her straight across the face.

According to IANS, Anne-Marie recently recalled her breathtaking trip to South Africa and was quoted saying, “Exciting activities are a must when I’m on holiday. When I was on tour in South Africa with Rudimental we got in a cage to see sharks.”

When the shocking moment actually occurred, the award winning singer was left befuddled. 

She explained the experience as a 'sudden jerk' and added that “It was freezing cold and one of the sharks came really close. It swam past then slapped me in the face with its tail. I was in shock.”

“Over the next week we climbed up Table Mountain and went on safari. It was an incredible experience; I had never been so close to a giraffe.”

During the course of the interview she also gushed over the culture of Japan and explained how respectful it is when compared to the UK.

“The culture in Japan is quite different to the UK. I think that the people there are brought up to be more respectful than we are here and the whole country is more colourful than any other place I have visited.”

“The people there love their health and fitness. I’m a black belt in karate and have been learning since I was nine. I would like to have a karate trip there in the future to see where the sport originated, learn more and get really in-depth. It would probably be like learning from scratch again.”