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Wednesday Jan 20 2021
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Duchess Camilla's marriage to Parker Bowles 'came as relief' to the Queen

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Camilla Shand's wedding to Andrew Parker Bowles was attended by the Queen attended herself

Queen Elizabeth had a massive part to play in the whirlwind relationship of Prince Charles and Camilla Shand.

The monarch, and the rest of the royal family members at that time, made every attempt to break the two apart.

So much so, that they even set Camilla's wedding to Andrew Parker Bowles, which the Queen attended herself.

According to Daily Mail Editor-at-Large Richard Kay, "There were members of the Royal Family there. The Queen was there, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne."

"People have said, slightly tongue-in-cheek, that the senior members of the royal family were there at the wedding just to make sure it really happened. There was this enormous relief in royal circles. This Camilla problem had now gone away for good," he added.