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Monday Feb 22 2021
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Queen Elizabeth breaches protocol in 'desperate' attempt to save royal family legacy

Web Desk

Queen Elizabeth had kept her position under wraps until she felt 'desperately sad' to see the UK break down

Queen Elizabeth sent shockwaves across Buckingham Palace after she was forced to break royal protocol in order to preserve the sanctity of her forefathers' legacy.

The British monarch had kept her position under wraps until she felt 'desperately sad' to see the United Kingdom break down in 2014. 

This was the time she let voters know her personal thoughts. Channel 5's Secrets of the Royal Palaces narrator Samantha Bond said: "Despite any feelings she might have, the Queen must hold an impartial position. Her personal views are not supposed to feature.

"But the threat of the breakup of the United Kingdom called for desperate measures, as David Cameron [British PM] later admitted.

"David Cameron later insisted that he hadn't asked her to do anything unconstitutional. On Sunday September 14, with four days remaining before the vote, the Queen stopped to speak to the crowd.

"As the Queen exchanged a few words with the crowd, she made an unusual comment before leaving."

Royal commentator Emily Andrews said: "The Queen said, 'I hope the people think very carefully.'"