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Wednesday Mar 03 2021
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Prince Harry’s exit infuriates Prince William as he gets burdened with more duties

Web Desk

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s final parting with the British royal family hasn’t made things better for them and the rest of the royals.

Royal commentator Natalie Oliveri claims that Prince William isn’t too happy with his younger brother right now as he is getting forced to take on more responsibility in his absence.

Speaking to NineHoney, Oliveri said: “William is said to be quite furious with his brother and this all relates to the statements put out at the weekend."

"One friend of William's said that Prince Harry is disrespecting the Queen. They're also saying that William now has all the duty placed on his shoulders,” she said.

"He is going to be King one day, we all knew that but he's not now able to share those royal duties with his brother. All those royal patronages are going to be distributed to members of the Royal Family. There's really only seven senior working royals, William of course if among them.”

"Kate, Princess Anne, Prince Charles and Camilla - they're all going to have to step up,” she added.