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Thursday Mar 04 2021
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Robyn Germyn thanks fans for one millions views on her inspiring video

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TikToker and actress Robyn Germyn is making her encouraging impact felt as the influencer inspires people especially women to positively accept themselves with all their shortcomings.

She was diagnosed with hair loss disease - alopecia areata - nine years ago. She has been chronicling her hair loss journey on different social media platforms in a bid to inspire people to have self-acceptance and self-love.

In her Tuesday post, she thanked her followers for viewing and liking her reel. She said: "Started my day with over one million views on my reel! I’m so thankful and truly over the moon to think that many people have seen that video.”

One million people out there have seen my message and hopefully left feeling inspired and empowered. The journey of having something that makes you 'different' isn’t always easy. but time and time again I'm shown how important it is to embrace what was given to you."

She said: "Sharing my story has always come back to me tenfold. The amount of love, support, and acceptance that has come my way these past 5 years has made sharing what I’m going through, worth it."

"I'm grateful to have this platform to be able to express myself and let my emotions flow through words and captured moments. I'm so proud of that girl who took a leap of faith, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and snapped that picture all those years ago. When she opened her eyes, the world was waiting," she concluded the caption.

The TikToker shared a video of herself displaying her hair loss after removing her wig. The influencer, showing her hair loss, cheered up her followers, saying that no one is perfect, even if they look so online.

The inspiring video blew up the Internet as it amassed over one million views on the photo and video-sharing app.

"In this social media world that pushes us to always be so perfectly put together, remember that it’s OK to not be as well," Robyn said. "You are just as worthy and beautiful both ways!"

The clip and caption on the viral post impressed her followers who readily voiced their support and appreciation for her. One of her followers penned: "I needed to see this. This hair loss journey is so stressful and I don't feel pretty anymore. But when I saw this, it really made me smile. Thank you."

Another commenter has an emotional reaction to share: "My two-year-old daughter has alopecia and has started to go bald! This is so beautiful to see other woman being confident in their own skin. I hope I can raise her to be happy and empowered like this."

Robyn Germyn has come up to raise awareness about alopecia through her social media feeds.