Tuesday Mar 09 2021
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Dwayne Johnson's adorable video with daughter leaves fans gushing

Web Desk

While Dwayne Johnson is certainly a remarkable actor on screen, he is just as doting of a father.

To mark International Women’s Day, the actor posted an adorable throwback video with his daughter Tiana Gia where the little one can be seen telling herself some positive affirmations.

While holding his daughter close the star asked his child, "Can you say I'm a pretty girl?"

"I'm a pretty girl," she adorably mumbles.

"That's right, and even more importantly than that can you say 'I'm an awesome girl?' " Johnson asks, to which Tiana replies, "Awesome girl."

The 48-year-old then asks her to say to herself that she's a "smart girl" which was then immediately followed by a "very smart girl."

"And I want you to say 'I can do anything,'" to which his daughter mumbles, "Anything."

The video was accompanied with a sweet caption which read: 

"She can say “Awthum gurl” all day long... as long as she knows she’s awesome, that’s all that matters. And her declarative MUDDER!! at the end seals the whole deal - she knows who the real boss is."

Needless to say, the adorable father-daughter interaction saw fans gushing as they sent love to them in the comments. 

Take a look: