Jamie Foxx wanted not to accept the Dreamgirls offer

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No cinema-lover can forget about the 2006 classic musical drama movie Dreamgirls. American actor Jamie Foxx rose to more heights after playing Curtis Taylor Jr in the movie.

However, a few people know that Jamie Fox had turned down the offer to perform in the film. But, it was due to the decision of two other individuals that the Jarhead actor gave his willingness to take the offer.

The musical drama films have a painful flop history. So, the musical needed to be extraordinarily special to achieve success at the box office. The Dreamgirls movie passed the test so well that it merited the nominations of a very long list of awards including the Oscars, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards.

Jamie Fox has become a legend in the cinematic world and mints a great deal of money from his excellent acting craft. And, the Dreamgirls movie has something to contribute to his grand stature.

At the time when the movie was offered to him, Jamie Foxx had already been minting handsome money from films. Accordingly, he expected a good lump sum from Dreamgirls also. But, his expectations dashed. Therefore, he declined to take the role.

However, when Eddie Murphy and Beyonce were signed on, Jamie Foxx changed his mind and accepted the offer - a decision that went a long way in his career.