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Monday May 03 2021
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Monarchy 'an end game,' won't stand the test of time, says writer Hilary Mantel

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British author says the monarchy will not outlast Prince William

Famed English author Hilar Mantel came forth weighing in on what she thinks will be the future of the British monarchy.

Calling it an 'end game,' the Wolf Hall author said the monarchy will not outlast Prince William.

She told the Telegraph: "I think it’s the end game. I don’t know how much longer the institution will go on. I’m not sure if it will outlast William. So I think it will be their last big era.

"I wish the Queen had felt able to abdicate, because Charles has had to wait such a long time."

Dame Hilary added: "I wonder if she’s the only person who really believes in the monarchy now, and I’m sure she believes with all her heart."

The author said the Queen is in a "lonely position" because she believes she cannot abdicate based on promises she made to God.

She went on to assert that the Royal Family is entering its "last big era" and is unsure as to how much longer it will last.