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Monday May 03 2021
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Kate Middleton disappointed with first pregnancy announcement

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Kate Middleton was thought to be disappointed with the way the news of her first pregnancy was handled.

According to royal commentator Ashley Pearson, the "birth announcement of Prince George did not go to plan", as she developed a rare condition in the early stages of her pregnancy.

The Duchess of Cambridge had been hospitalised for hyperemesis gravidarum a rare form of morning sickness.

As a consequence, Buckingham Palace and St James Palace decided to roll out the news to the concerned public about her pregnancy, which would have usually be done after the first trimester.

"William and Kate had talked at length about how they wanted to make this announcement to the world, and it certainly wasn't going to be this way, and at that stage in the pregnancy.

"Most celebrities, particularly royals, wait until that first trimester is finished before they make any happy announcements.

"But because Kate was taken very suddenly to the hospital, because of her severe morning sickness condition, the Palace was forced to issue a statement as to why she was there - and the news of the pregnancy was leaked."