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Tuesday May 04 2021
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Prince Charles left Diana ‘stranded and publicly humiliated’ for Camilla

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was chockfull of drama and tensions from the get-go.

And the Prince of Wales’ anger issues and relations with ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles played a big hand in causing matrimonial woes between him and the late People’s Princess—who often became a victim of humiliation at the hands of her husband.

An unearthed report by Vanity Fair revealed how the late Princess of Wales was left humiliated in 1993 during an event that was also attended by Charles’ then-mistress, Camilla.

“Earlier in the year, the royal family gathered for a reception aboard the royal yacht, H.M.Y. Britannia, moored on the Thames. As they formally departed, Charles spotted Camilla in the watching crowd,” stated the report.

The magazine described how Charles embraced Camilla while Diana was standing nearby.

“In front of an astonished throng, he quit the royal parade to go and greet her, complete with warm embrace, leaving Diana stranded amid royal protocol, publicly humiliated,” the outlet reported.