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Wednesday May 05 2021
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Emma Stone's shoulder injury proved beneficial for Cruella?

Web Desk

American actress Emma Stone was roped in to play Disney’s young Cruella de Vil in 2016. However, the project lingered on mainly owing to the shoulder injury the La La Land actress suffered after she fell down.

The 32-year-old actress broke her shoulder after she slipped on the floor of someone's home, reported People.

However, her injury proved beneficial for the project, said celebrated costume designer Jenny Beaven, while addressing a virtual press conference for the promotion of Disney's Cruella. The designer celebrated the ill-timed fall of Emma Stone.

"We originally only had 10 weeks prep. We gained an extra six weeks cause Emma Stone had a minor shoulder injury that needed a lot of rest and recuperation for which saved our lives," said Jenny Beaven.

"And we blessed her on a daily basis. So we got actually sixteen weeks of prep. And then, of course, you're obviously working through the filming schedule because you only ever can, you know, you're working in schedule order. You don't do the end of the film first, or the end of the schedule first. You have to keep working at it."

Jenny Beaven has worked in the industry as a costume designer for over 40 years. Her major work can be seen in movies such as Gosford Park, Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes and The King’s Speech. The Oscar-winning costumer, while addressing the virtual presser, also told about her major undertakings.

"I don’t think [Cruella] was my biggest challenge. I would say Mad Max was because that was so out of my comfort zone. Because that was so out of my comfort zone," she said.

"But it also opened up a virtually a whole new career for me because having done a huge amount of lovely period dramas particularly English sort of Victorian ages and regency. I think people were slightly surprised that I could tackle the post-apocalyptic world in a rather disgusting way."

Watch official trailer of the Emma Stone-starrer Cruella here: