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Tuesday May 18 2021
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DMX's ex-wife speak up after rapper's death

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The death of rapper DMX has left many mourning for him especially his family.

The rapper’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons spoke on People Every Day podcast about the impact of his death.

She shared how her former husband was not afraid of passing away.

"I am torn. Our children are suffering and trying to get to over that 'not enough time with their dad' thing; it's a tough time," she says. 

"At the same time ... I used to think that this was insensitive to say, but I do believe he is in a better place, just because of the words he left me with. He was never afraid of passing on. And I used to be aggravated with that, but now I understand."

The 50-year-old rapper, died on April 9 after suffering a heart attack a week prior, which many media outlets initially attributed to a drug overdose.