Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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'Princess Diana, Meghan Markle both were not given advice about royal life'

A friend of Princess Diana drew parallels with her and Meghan Markle

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Princess Diana’s friend and voice coach Stewart Pearce spoke about his late friend and Meghan Markle

Speaking on Us Weekly, he drew parallels between the Duchess of Sussex and the late princess saying that both women were new to the royal family and were not given advise as to how things should be run in the royal family.

"What was extraordinary from the very beginning, from 1981, is that [Diana] was really not given a tremendous amount of advice," he said. 

"It's sort of within the royal family.

"It's assumed you will either grow through it or, you know, [you'll sink]."

Pearce spoke of the Duchess of Sussex: "She was given very little advice.

"But, being the smart woman that Meghan is, she really made a lot of inquiries.

"Whereas Diana, I feel that she was so in love with Charles that she thought that he would assist her."