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Monday May 31 2021
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Experts urge public to ‘ignore’ Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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The British public has recently been urged to ‘starve’ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the attention they allegedly seek.

The advice has been brought forward by royal family enthusiast Andrew Rosindell.

He was quoted telling Express, “The British public recognise attention seeking when they see it. I hope that the response of the British public will be as it should: to simply ignore Harry and Meghan and starve them of the oxygen they seem to desperately seek.”

He also added, “What has happened with Prince Harry is a great sadness to the Queen and Royal Family as a whole. It is also very sad for the country that he has chosen the path that he has chosen.”

“It was only three years ago when he had that wonderful wedding but then in less than two years have effectively resigned from the Royal Family is a great shame.”

“Maybe him coming back for Prince Philip's funeral will have reminded him what he has given up. But the country has moved on now - they do think of him as part of the Royal Family, but they don't think of him as having a role anymore.”