Tuesday Jun 08 2021
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The Jonas Brothers recall being abandoned by angry unpaid bus driver

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While The Jonas Brothers are internationally known it wasn’t always the case as their early days saw them struggle to pay the bills.

In an excerpt from Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas’ memoir Blood, Kevin recalls how a tour bus driver left them stranded "in the middle of nowhere for more than twelve hours” because he was not paid and pretended that the bus had broken down.

The long awaited memoir, which is co-authored with Neil Strauss, will give a glimpse of the rock star brothers’ life.

In the press release, they teased about the exciting things that await in their book.

"This book is intense! I think I overshared," Joe said.

"We all did. That's what memoirs are about," Kevin said. "Telling your truth."

"But what if your truth is different than mine…?" Nick said.

Joe went into more detail back when the book was announced in May 2019.

"We're three brothers from New Jersey, and we were not supposed to be successful," Joe said in a statement at the time. 

"From record labels dropping us to our dad losing his job over us, this shouldn't have happened or lasted as long as it did. Yet here we are, more excited than ever, and we're so grateful and ready to tell the full story of the journey we've had as individuals, as artists, and as family."