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Thursday Jun 10 2021
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Princess Diana's astrologer predicts baby Lili's future: 'She'll be a star in her own right'

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Princess Diana's astrologer revealed what kind of a personality baby Lilibet might have based on her stars

Princess Diana's astrologer came forth revealing what is on the cards for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's newborn daughter, Lilibet.

Debbie Frank, who used to work with the Princess of Wales up until her death in 1997, revealed what kind of a personality the youngest royal might have, based on her stars.

"She's going to be super chatty and engaging as a personality, and with the royal sign of Leo rising like Prince Charles, Camilla and Kate, she's got the personal presence to be a star in her own right," Frank told PEOPLE.

"Her late grandmother Princess Diana was a sun sign Cancer with a high degree of emotional intelligence," Frank said, who began working with Diana in 1989. 

"Cancer likes to look after people, and little Lilibet could channel her energy into caring for others."

As for what baby Lili's bond will be like with brother Archie, she said, "Lili has an assertive moon in Aries, so she's got a strong desire nature - a need to get what she wants in double-quick time and a streak of bossiness which could dominate her more placid Taurean brother Archie."

The astrologer also predicted how Diana would have felt about Harry naming her daughter after her.

"Diana would have been so touched by both her granddaughters sharing her name. She would have been absolutely thrilled, and it's a beautiful gesture of love from both her boys," she said.