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Saturday Jun 19 2021
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Daniel Craig's fitness secret revealed

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Daniel Craig's personal trainer Simon Waterson has revealed the secret of James Bond star's incredible fitness.

In his previous interview, the trainer revealed the screen star maintains his James Bond physique with kimchi, turmeric and black coffee for breakfast before engaging in 30-minute HIIT workouts.

The 52-year-old actor has often been praised for his physique while playing James Bond and his trainer has shared the details of how he helped him achieve it.

Craig - aside from his first meal of the day - would usually follow a plant-based diet on Mondays, go pescatarian on Tuesdays, incorporate white meat into his eating on Wednesdays and vegetarian on Thursdays, and treat himself to red meat on Fridays.

The trainer, who has worked with Daniel since 2005, has written a fitness manual revealing how you too can get Golden Guns like 007.

The actor has written a forward to a new book by Waterson, described as "the film industry’s most in-demand personal trainer".

He added: "Without Simon’s help and guidance, I wouldn’t have made it through 15 years of playing James Bond."

Simon Waterson, who trained Craig for five James Bond films, has also worked with Captain America actor Chris Evans and Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy.