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Monday Jun 21 2021
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Prince Charles devastated after rift with Harry intensifies ahead of Father's Day

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The gulf between Charles and Harry has widened considerably and is in its worst state

Prince Charles was left reeling in pain as 'gulf with son Harry widened' amid Father's Day. 

The news of the rift getting intensified between the two came after Charles announced that he plans to have a slimmed down monarchy when he becomes King, with Archie not having any title whatsoever. 

It is also reportedly said Charles will not make any effort to meet Harry when he flies to the UK for Princess Diana's memorial unveiling ceremony. 

Royal author Tom Quinn believes the “gulf” between Charles and Harry has “widened considerably" and is in "its worst state."

Speaking to Channel 5’s Charles and Harry: Father and Son Divided, he said, “Charles tried to be a more modern parent but didn’t have the tools because he didn’t grow up with them.

“There’s no doubt the gulf between Charles and Harry has widened considerably.

“It will be very difficult to bridge that divide in future. I can’t see how they can do it," Quinn added.