Thursday Jun 24 2021
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Harley Quinn goes through major tattoo update in The Suicide Squad

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A new trailer of The Suicide Squad revealed some changes in Margot Robbie’s character Harley Quinn.

The eccentric character has had quite the evolving as Birds of Prey featured her in a new light since breaking up with Joker.

The new trailer promises the same and in fact it is also reflected in her tattoos.

Fans have pointed out in the BTS video that a tattoo on Harley's back which originally read "Property of Joker" has been changed to "Property of No One" in the film.

In Birds of Prey, Harley was shown changing her tattoos and in the upcoming movie's trailer, fans could not help but note that her "Rotten" tattoo was missing.

Director James Gunn went on to explain why the change took place. 

"Margot didn't like it and found out I also didn't like it so we decided to just remove it." The director further confirmed that the removal of the tattoo will not be addressed in the film.