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Monday Aug 02 2021
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Princess Diana felt like a 'lamb to the slaughter' on her wedding day

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Princess Diana felt like a lamb to the slaughter on her wedding day

Princess Diana felt near to death on her wedding day after discovering Prince Charles had purchased an engraved bracelet for Camilla Parker-Bowles during their engagement, according to Jennie Bond.

Prince Harry's mother Princess Diana felt like a 'lamb to the slaughter' on her wedding day to Prince Charles, former royal correspondent Jennie Bond has revealed.

Bond, who grew close to the Princess of Wales while working as a royal correspondent from 1989 to 2003, revealed the fairytale appearance of the 1981 royal wedding was very different behind closed doors.

She claimed: 'Diana told me much later in one of our private conversations that she had felt like a lamb to the slaughter as she walked up the aisle, which is very sad, but I think she knew that things weren't quite right. When she saw Camilla in the congregation she was immediately uneasy about it.'

Speaking in Channel 5's documentary, Charles & Camilla: King and Queen in Waiting, the former BBC royal reporter said the Princess of Wales confined to her about her doubts on her big day.

She added that 'the people's princess' found a bracelet that Charles given Camilla during their engagement, which he had engraved with her initials.

'She was enraged by it and she wanted to know why he had gifted this to Camilla'.

The Queen's son reportedly wore a set of personalised cuff links, which read C & C, for Charles and Camilla, on the couple's honeymoon.

Charles and Diana got married at St Paul's Cathedral in front of 2,000 people on July 29, 1981.

The documentary explored Prince Charles' early love life, his marriage to Princess Diana and his relationship with his second wife Camilla.