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Monday Aug 02 2021
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Brad Pitt's doppelganger wipes off all dating apps: 'I’m just staying single'

Web Desk
Brad Pitts lookalike says women have been stalking him excessively
Brad Pitt's lookalike says women have been stalking him excessively 

Brad Pitt's lookalike is not liking for a partner, just yet, and plans to stay single for now.

This is because women have been stalking him continuously, confusing him with the Ad Astra star.

“I do get hit on by women a lot,” Nathan told Jam Press.

“Some of them just can’t believe how much I look like him, and some of them accuse me of ‘catfishing.’ People always try and live video call me on my Instagram because they don’t think I’m real.”

He continued, “They’ll add me on all of my social media profiles and keep messaging me, so in the end, I just deleted my dating profiles and I’m just staying single.”

Owing to all this, the Nathan said he decided to wipe away all the dating apps from his phone.

“I’m not really looking for love anyway and don’t want to settle down as my daughters are my world and my biggest priority,” he said. “I’m not looking for my Angelina.”

“I was first told when I was 20 years old that I looked like Brad Pitt and this continued for about 10 years, but I would always just laugh it off,” the father of two shared.

“Some people would say I must be related to him or that my mum must have had an affair with him,” Nathan joked. “A lot of people, even now, will do a double-take when they walk past me or will ask me for a picture, although some of them just take pictures without me realizing.”