Sunday Sep 26 2021
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Prince Harry ‘not at all’ reflecting Prince Philips’ ethos: report

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Prince Harry has officially come under fire for not being able to “reflect Prince Philip’s ethos” correctly.

This claim’s been made by Sky News contributor, Jonathan Sacerdoti.

He weighed in on it all in a candid interview alongside Express UK, and was even quoted saying, “Certainly, it is having some negative effect - among other controversies going on at the moment it's one of the things contributing to increased talk about there being a sort of republican resurgence in the UK.”

“So I think that they're not acting in a way that would reflect Prince Philip’s own personal ethos with relation to service and the Royal Family.”

“It's a great fear, I think, that what Meghan and Harry are doing could damage the Royal Family, not just in the immediate future, in the coming months and years, but much longer term.”

“I don't know if I think that it will be successful in that and I think it would be unfair to say their aim was, would be to destroy the monarchy or to bring down the Royal Family or the concept of monarchy in Great Britain, I don't imagine that their aim.”

Before concluding he added “But could it have that effect? It certainly could contribute to a wider feeling or movement in that direction.”