Friday Oct 01 2021
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Prince Harry to drop ‘explosive details’ about Prince William in memoir

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Experts believe Prince Harry is gearing up for a rather “explosive” memoir release that is supposed to share sensitive information regarding Prince William.

This claim’s been brought to light by royal historian and biographer Dr Edward Owens during a candid chat with Express.

There he was also quoted saying, “There’s got to be some sort of explosive details in there, he wants to sell a book.”

“There might be a bit more information about his relationship with his brother. So far it’s been left for royal commentators and journalists to narrate the family feud between William and Harry.”

“They haven’t said a great deal about it publicly, so I imagine we will get more information about the relationship with his brother, probably the relationship with his father.”

“And possibly the relationship with other members of the Royal Family and the courts, because Harry and Meghan feel that they were unfairly treated while they were working members of the House of Windsor.”

Before concluding he added, “So, we might get a fuller picture of how they felt and why they did what they did in terms of Megxit.”e