Monday Oct 18 2021
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Prince William, Charles intend to ‘shun royal protocol’ as Kings: report

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Experts believe Prince William and Prince Charles have the intention of rejecting a number of key royal protocols once they ascend the throne as future Kings.

An ex-royal editor for The Sun, Charlie Rae made this claim during his chat with GB News.

He believes the duo will refuse "the protocol that says they should not make public pronouncements.”

This claim is backed by Prince William’s recent call-outs on the climate crisis.

Mr Rae also believes that while Prince Charles admits he is “very proud” of his son, changing with the times is also a key attribute.

"I think that's probably quite healthy,” he also told the outlet. “The world has moved on from when the Royal Family wanted to keep its mystique.”

"They have laid out their plans for the future, and we will know when they become the monarch, what they think about certain topics and certain subjects.”

Before concluding he went on to say, "I think they are quite rightly moving towards a more open monarchy and that could only be a good thing."