Monday Oct 25 2021
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Halyna Hutchins’ son 'fell silent for 2 days' after news of mother's death

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Halyna Hutchins’ son fell silent for 2 days after news of mothers death

Halyna Hutchins’ son Andros fell silent for two days after hearing the news of his mother’s death.

The late cinematographer's father Anatoly Androsovych said that the nine-year-old did not utter a word after he was informed that his mother died after being accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin with a prop gun.

Anatoly told The Sun: "Andros was incredibly close to his mother and fell silent when told she was dead.

"Matt was really worried because the boy withdrew into himself and couldn’t say a word for two days.

"His dad has managed to coax a few words from him now but the effect has been devastating.

"This tragedy has wrecked a beautiful perfect family - everyone who knows them is destroyed by sorrow."