Queen forced Princess Diana, Prince Charles to divorce

It is said that Princess Diana didn't want to end her marriage with Prince Charles but the Queen forced them to

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Queen forced Princess Diana, Prince Charles to divorce

While it was no secret that Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship was a sinking ship from the start it is said that the Queen demanded that the couple divorce.

Diana executive producer Emma Cooper spoke on the Royally US podcast about Diana and Charles’ decision to end their rocky marriage.

"When did Diana realise that this marriage was over and that they were not going to make it work?” host Christina Garibaldi said.

"I mean, I think she tried. If you cut back to her walking down the aisle at her wedding, she walks past Camilla, and in our series, she commentates that.

"She knew that they had had this relationship but at that point, she hoped that it was over. So the relationship was always there, and even after the separation in 1992, they still carried on doing engagements.

"I don't think Diana ever really wanted to truly give up. It was actually the Queen in the end that said, you're separated, you need to get a divorce.

"Did she really want to do that? I don't know. It feels to me from the evidence of all the testimony we have and her own words, that it was hard for her."